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Roy Lichtenstein

Alka Seltzer by Roy Lichtenstein Mickey Mouse I by Roy Lichtenstein  Roy Lichtenstein Photo by Richard Schulman by Roy Lichtenstein Still Life with goldfish by Roy Lichtenstein Stepping out by Roy Lichtenstein Blam by Roy Lichtenstein Takka Takka by Roy Lichtenstein


Supermarket by Tetsuya Ishida African Bush Elephant by Rick Kaplan Interior with Sudden Joy by Dorothea Tanning Crystal amoureux by Jacques Herold Couple et pigeon by Corneille Chosen Site by Paul Klee Woman of substance by Octavio Ocampo

Other Great Artists

The Couple by Pierre Daura Dorelia by Augustus John The Letter by Camille Corot The Woman with a Pearl by Camille Corot Sirene by Enrico Prampolini Think Tank by Banksy Pie Face by Banksy

Black and White

Night Swimmer by Rick Kaplan Avec le Temps 2 by Rick Kaplan The Sound of Silence by Rick Kaplan Smoke 1 by Rick Kaplan Hidden Tiger by Rick Kaplan Dumb Move by Rick Kaplan The Graduating Class by Frank Eugene


Tango in Macao by Rick Kaplan Age by Manabu Mabe Cranes under Lotus by Huang Yongyu Community by Vicente Manansala 88. Va 17 by Jurgen Partenheimer  Box by Hannelore Baron Crunch the Numbers 2 by Rick Kaplan

Mary Cassatt

Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt Sketch of Mrs. Currey Sketch of Mr. Cassatt by Mary Cassatt The Child's Bath by Mary Cassatt Baby's First Caress by Mary Cassatt Child In A Straw Hat by Mary Cassatt Portrait of girl by Mary Cassatt After the Bullfight by Mary Cassatt

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Mother and Child by Pierre-Auguste Renoir The Dancer by Pierre-Auguste Renoir The Inn of Mother Anthony by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Spring Bouquet by Pierre-Auguste Renoir By the Seashore by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Pink and Blue by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance at Moulin de la Galette by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Octavio Ocampo

Ecstasy of the lillies by Octavio Ocampo Sunlights Kiss by Octavio Ocampo Silver Threads by Octavio Ocampo Kiss of the Sea by Octavio Ocampo Hollywood Lights by Octavio Ocampo Portrait by Octavio Ocampo Woman of substance by Octavio Ocampo

Emily Carr

A Skidegate Beaver Pole by Emily Carr Old Trees at Dusk by Emily Carr Old Indian House, Northern British Columbia by Emily Carr Totem Walk at Sitka by Emily Carr Cedar Sanctuary by Emily Carr Zunoqua of the Cat Village by Emily Carr Grey by Emily Carr

Horace Pippin

Man On A Bench by Horace Pippin Two Pink Roses by Horace Pippin The Barracks by Horace Pippin Harmonizing by Horace Pippin Mr. Prejudice by Horace Pippin Marian Anderson II by Horace Pippin Domino Players by Horace Pippin

Edouard Manet

The Fifer by Edouard Manet Effect of Snow at Petit-Montrouge by Edouard Manet The Monet family in their garden at Argenteuil by Edouard Manet A Bar at the Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet Olympia by Edouard Manet Music in the Tuileries Garden by Edouard Manet Lola de Valence by Edouard Manet

Claude Monet

Camille Monet and a Child in the Artist's Garden in Argenteuil by Claude Monet Impression, sunrise by Claude Monet Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil by Claude Monet Irises in Monet's Garden by Claude Monet Claude Monet, photo by Nadar 1899 by Claude Monet The Grenouillere by Claude Monet Still Life with Apples And Grapes by Claude Monet

Giorgio de Chirico

The Song of Love by Giorgio de Chirico The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico Portrait of artist's mother by Giorgio de Chirico Mystery and Melancholy of a Street by Giorgio de Chirico The Uncertainty of the Poet by Giorgio de Chirico The Double Dream of Spring by Giorgio de Chirico The Evil Genius of a King by Giorgio de Chirico

Georgia O'Keeffe

Oriental Poppies by Georgia O'Keeffe Jimson Weed by Georgia O'Keeffe Series I, No. 8 by Georgia O'Keeffe Blue-02 by Georgia O'Keeffe Georgia O'Keeffe by Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O'Keeffe  A Portrait  Photo by Alfred Stieglitz by Georgia O'Keeffe Calla Lily Turned Away by Georgia O'Keeffe

Marc Chagall

Feast Day Rabbi with Lemon by Marc Chagall Tchitchikov's father educates him by Marc Chagall The Birthday by Marc Chagall The Poet, or Half Past Three by Marc Chagall Mother by the oven by Marc Chagall Madame Moineau by Marc Chagall Portrait by Marc Chagall

John Singer Sargent

The Tramp by John Singer Sargent Side Canal in Venice by John Singer Sargent A Parisian Beggar Girl by John Singer Sargent Self-Portrait by John Singer Sargent The White House by John Singer Sargent Beatrice Townsend by John Singer Sargent Gassed by John Singer Sargent

Diego Rivera

The Mathematician by Diego Rivera Frozen Assets by Diego Rivera Bather of Tehuantepec by Diego Rivera The Sugar Mill by Diego Rivera The Embrace by Diego Rivera Portrait of Two Women by Diego Rivera Still Life by Diego Rivera

Henri Matisse

Woman with a Hat by Henri Matisse The Blue Nude by Henri Matisse Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse Icarus by Henri Matisse The Moroccans by Henri Matisse Bathers by a River by Henri Matisse Music by Henri Matisse

Vincent van Gogh

Portrait of the Artist's Mother by Vincent van Gogh Hip Van Gogh by Rick Kaplan Red Vineyards at Arles by Vincent van Gogh Japonaiserie by Vincent van Gogh The Potato Eaters by Vincent van Gogh Prisoners Exercising  by Vincent van Gogh A Girl Raking by Vincent van Gogh

Michael Sowa

X-mas is Coming by Michael Sowa A Turkey Provides Seven Kinds of Meat by Michael Sowa Greetings From Berlin by Michael Sowa February by Michael Sowa Happy Easter by Michael Sowa Man, Table, Fish by Michael Sowa Rabbit on a Train by Michael Sowa

Paul Cezanne

The Artist's Father Reading his Newspaper by Paul Cezanne The Card Players by Paul Cezanne The Blue Vase by Paul Cezanne The Kiss of the Muse by Paul Cezanne Self-Portrait - Paul Cezanne by Paul Cezanne Large Bathers by Paul Cezanne Basket of Apples by Paul Cezanne

Amedeo Modigliani

Portrait of Madame Survage by Amedeo Modigliani Portrait by Amedeo Modigliani Portrait of Picasso by Amedeo Modigliani The Jewish Woman by Amedeo Modigliani Woman with Blue Eyes by Amedeo Modigliani The Amazon by Amedeo Modigliani Girl in a Green Blouse by Amedeo Modigliani

Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Pierre Auguste Renoir by Pablo Picasso Guernica by Pablo Picasso Woman sitting in an armchair by Pablo Picasso Two bathers by Pablo Picasso Figures at the Seaside by Pablo Picasso Head of the man by Pablo Picasso Mother and child by Pablo Picasso

George Bellows

Love of Winter by George Bellows Tennis at Newport by George Bellows New York 1911 by George Bellows George Bellows by George Bellows Forty two Kids 1907 by George Bellows Beach at Coney Island 1908 by George Bellows Cliff Dwellers 1913 by George Bellows

Edward Hopper

Hotel Lobby by Edward Hopper Automat by Edward Hopper Self-Portrait by Edward Hopper Edward Hopper by Rick Kaplan Summer Interior by Edward Hopper New York Restaurant by Edward Hopper Prizewinning World War I patriotic poster by Edward Hopper


Self Portrait by Titian Cain and Abel  1542 by Titian Pope Paul III by Titian Portrait Isabella Este by Titian The Bacchanal of the Andrians by Titian Emperor Charles V at Muhlberg by Titian Penitent St. Mary Magdalene by Titian

Georges Seurat

Bathers at Asnieres by Georges Seurat Chahut by Georges Seurat Grassy Riverbank by Georges Seurat Woman with a Monkey by Georges Seurat Vase of Flowers by Georges Seurat Young Woman Powdering Herself by Georges Seurat Rue St. Vincent in Spring by Georges Seurat

Paul Gauguin

Day of the Gods by Paul Gauguin Mother and Daughter by Paul Gauguin Are You Jealous? by Paul Gauguin Hina, Moon Goddess and Te Fatu, Earth Spirit by Paul Gauguin Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going by Paul Gauguin Woman with a Flower by Paul Gauguin Self Portrait with Halo and Snake by Paul Gauguin

Camille Pissarro

Portrait of Paul Cezanne by Camille Pissarro The Road to L'Hermitage in Snow by Camille Pissarro Jeanne Holding a fan by Camille Pissarro Portrait of Jeanne by Camille Pissarro The Maidservant by Camille Pissarro Apples and Pears in a Round Basket by Camille Pissarro The Port of Le Havre by Camille Pissarro

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Alone by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Portrait by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Academic Study Nude by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Seated Dancer in Pink Tights by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Ambassadeurs Aristide Bruant in his cabaret by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Moulin Rouge La Goulue by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  At Montrouge Rosa la Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Johannes Vermeer

Portrait by Johannes Vermeer The astronomer by Johannes Vermeer The Love Letter by Johannes Vermeer The Concert by Johannes Vermeer The Procuress by Johannes Vermeer The glass of wine by Johannes Vermeer The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

Tom Thomson

Opulent October by Tom Thomson The Pool by Tom Thomson The West Wind by Tom Thomson Round Lake, Mud Bay by Tom Thomson Fire-Swept Hills by Tom Thomson Morning Cloud by Tom Thomson Northern Lake by Tom Thomson

Gosta Adrian-Nilsson

Still Life by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson The letter scale by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson Flotte by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson Sparvagnen by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson Dancers by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson Composition with figure by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson Jack by Gosta Adrian-Nilsson

Kaoru Kawano

Harmony by Kaoru Kawano Child and Bird by Kaoru Kawano Dream by Kaoru Kawano Gentle Breeze by Kaoru Kawano Yellow Canary by Kaoru Kawano Doves and Girl by Kaoru Kawano Child with Flowers and Butterflies by Kaoru Kawano

Emil Carlsen

Windmill by Emil Carlsen The French Fan by Emil Carlsen Arranging Flowers by Emil Carlsen Still Life with Roses and Mandolin by Emil Carlsen Venice by Emil Carlsen Brass Kettle with Porcelain Coffee Pot by Emil Carlsen Study in Grey by Emil Carlsen

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Group of Artists by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner The Rhine Bridge by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Portrait of Gerda by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Five Women in the Street by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Dancer by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Dodo and Her Brother by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Bathers on the Lawn by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Paul Klee

Death for the Idea by Paul Klee Chosen Site by Paul Klee Ghost of a Genius by Paul Klee A young ladys adventure by Paul Klee Villa R by Paul Klee Black Knight by Paul Klee City of Churches by Paul Klee

Marsden Hartley

Morgenrot by Expressionism Christ Held by Half-Naked Men by Marsden Hartley Still Life, No. 1 by Marsden Hartley Handsome Drinks by Marsden Hartley Himmel by Marsden Hartley Portrait of a German Officer by Marsden Hartley Large Country Petrified Sand Hills by Marsden Hartley

Marianne North

Rhododendron Falconeri from the Mountains of North India by Marianne North Olearia argophylla by Marianne North Buphane toxicara and other Flowers of Grahamstown by Marianne North A Darjeeling Oak Festooned with a Climber by Marianne North A Bornean Crinum by Marianne North Possum up a Gum Tree by Marianne North Banana, American Aloe and Cypress in a Garden, Java by Marianne North

Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Tired Clown by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Revelation by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Girl Wearing Bandana by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Bather with Cigarette by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Child by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Waitresses from the Sparhawk by Yasuo Kuniyoshi Strong Woman and Child by Rick Kaplan

Ivan Milev

A Zmei's Wedding by Ivan Milev Venice by Ivan Milev The Cross by Ivan Milev Legend of the Holy Mountain by Ivan Milev Ahinora by Ivan Milev Our mothers are always dressed in black by Ivan Milev Sleeplessness by Ivan Milev

George Catlin

Sioux War Council by George Catlin Ha-tchoo-tuc-knee,Snapping Turtle, a Half-breed by George Catlin Kee-o-kuk The Running Fox by George Catlin Ball Players by George Catlin Mo-sho-la-tub-bee, He Who Puts Out and Kills, Chief of the Tribe by George Catlin A Choctaw Woman by George Catlin Ball-play of the Choctaw--Ball Up by George Catlin

Louis Marcoussis

Lulli by Louis Marcoussis Nature morte cubiste by Louis Marcoussis Composition cubiste au portrait, poisson et clair de lune by Louis Marcoussis Musician in an Interior by Louis Marcoussis The Large Fly by Louis Marcoussis The Cardplayer by Louis Marcoussis Violin, Bottle Flowers in a Glass and Eight of Spades by Louis Marcoussis

Paula Modersohn-Becker

Marsh channel with peat barges by Paula Modersohn-Becker Still life with yellow jug by Paula Modersohn-Becker Breastfeeding mother of Paula Modersohn-Becker by Paula Modersohn-Becker Standing female nude, her arms located in front of the chest by Paula Modersohn-Becker Child with goldfish bowl by Paula Modersohn-Becker The Good Samaritan by Paula Modersohn-Becker Portrait of a young woman with red hat by Paula Modersohn-Becker

George Luks

A Foggy Night by George Luks Allen Street by George Luks King's Chapel, Boston by George Luks View of Beacon Street from Boston Common by George Luks Self Portrait by George Luks Brooklyn Bridge by George Luks Little Lore with Her Hat by George Luks

John Ruskin

Towers of Fribourg by John Ruskin Fragment of the Alps by John Ruskin Casa Contarini Fasan Venice by John Ruskin Full Face of Cobra by John Ruskin Part of St Mark Venice by John Ruskin A View in the Alps by John Ruskin The Glacier des Bois by John Ruskin


Portrait of Rembrandt's Father by Rembrandt Study of God the Father by Raphael Father Melon Lighting his Pipe by Camille Pissarro Father by Jan Mankes Father Frost by Nicholas Roerich Father's of unpleasant duties by Adriaen Brouwer Those Father's Dinners by Alexey Venetsianov

Max Kurzweil

Tip of the Bay by Max Kurzweil The fisherman by Max Kurzweil The Farrier by Max Kurzweil Despair by Max Kurzweil The Cushion by Max Kurzweil Lady in Yellow Dress by Max Kurzweil A walk in the garden by Max Kurzweil

Laszlo Mednyanszky

Chestnut Flower by Laszlo Mednyanszky Burring Brook by Laszlo Mednyanszky Fishing on the Tisza by Laszlo Mednyanszky Sunrise in the Snowy Riverside by Laszlo Mednyanszky Over the Tomb by Laszlo Mednyanszky Melting by Laszlo Mednyanszky Burial in the Carpathian Mountains by Laszlo Mednyanszky

Egon Schiele

The Blind by Egon Schiele Poster for the Vienna Secession, 49th Exhibition, Die Freunde by Egon Schiele Composition with Three Male Nudes by Egon Schiele Portrait of a Man with a Floppy Hat  by Egon Schiele The Artist's Sister, Melanie by Egon Schiele The Family by Egon Schiele Two Girls Lying Entwined by Egon Schiele

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